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Increasing pieces of evidence point to the critical role of plant microRNAs in regulating the biosynthesis and accumulation of secondary metabolites. It is especially important for the medicinal plants since many valuable ingredients are generated through secondary metabolism. Besides, recent intriguing findings indicate the ability of plant microRNAs in cross-kingdom communication and target regulation, which paves a new way for therapeutic value exploitation of medicinal plant microRNAs.

Medicinal plant microRNA DataBase accommodates thousands of de novo identified microRNAs of 29 medicinal plant species. In addition to the sequence and expression information, the precursor processing signals are also provided, if available, for reliability check of the microRNA candidates. More importantly, for eight species, degradome-seq data-supported microRNA--target interactions along with protein-level interactions involving miRNA targets are present as dynamic networks in the database.

MepmiRDB will be under constant maintenance, and could be a useful resource for molecular studies on medicinal plants.

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